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UCSD Corporate Education Toolkits

Custom-designed for each client company, and delivered on-site at a location and time convenient to their employees, UCSD Corporate Education programs offer the Toolkit series of offerings are among the most popular and effective training programs available today.

We have developed six high demand areas of focus:

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UCSD Extension's customized classes are a cost-effective way to deliver training in a focused and tailored way.

To learn more, contact one of our training specialists today.

Management and Leadership

Locke Epsten
(858) 534-9150


Morgan Appel
(858) 534-9273

English Language Proficiency

Lorianne Serocki
(858) 534-7418

Foreign Languages

Jennifer Eller
(858) 534-6660


Leslie Bruce
(858) 534-9268

Life Science, Technology and Engineering

Sarah Spicci
(858) 246-1037

Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)

Writing and Copyediting

Teresa Poole
(858) 534-6648