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Medical English

Medical English

Who should take this course?

This intensive program focuses on the mastery of specific medical vocabulary and idioms, and improvement in the ability to communicate in English in a hospital or clinical setting. Anatomy/physiology knowledge required. High-intermediate and advanced levels of English proficiency may take this program. Student's English proficiency is determined during orientation at the time the student arrives to UC San Diego English Language Institute (ELI). Students who do not have the required English level for this program will take either Academic English (intermediate level only) or Conversation Plus (beginner, low-intermediate, and intermediate levels).

Additional Admission Requirements:

  • Participants must have previously taken an anatomy/physiology course.

2014 Dates (click here for complete list of program dates):

  • January 6 - 31

  • June 30 - July 25
  • August 4 - 29

Length of Program:

  • Monday - Friday

  • 20 hours per week

  • Schedule varies

Required Courses:

This intensive program focuses on the language of medicine in English, both spoken and written. It is designed to help you master specific medical vocabulary and idioms and to improve your ability to communicate in English in a hospital or clinical setting. Topics include:

  • U.S. healthcare delivery system

  • The language of patient interaction

  • Human anatomy and physiology

  • Medical history-taking

  • Trauma and emergency care

  • Diagnostic and treatment procedures

  • Development of presentation and medical writing skills

UC San Diego is a major center for medical research and development in healthcare. This program features several expert guest speakers from campus and community medical centers and clinics. Visits to hospitals and clinics are prohibited because of patient privacy laws. Therefore, we cannot guarantee visits to hospitals and clinics nor observations of actual medical procedures as part of the Medical English program.

Cost (In U.S. Dollars):

Application Fee: $150 (nonrefundable)

FedEx fee: $50 (optional, but recommended)
2014 Tuition: $2,500

International Student Service Fee: $140
Books/Materials: Approximately $150-175

(Payment for all books and instructional materials CANNOT be made in advance and are to be purchased upon arrival at UC San Diego.)
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