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Custom Programs

Custom Programs

UC San Diego Extension's International Programs department has a long and rich history of offering high-quality customized programs and seminars for international groups of students, professors, and professionals. We can create the perfect combination of studies and services for a group of any size, according to your specifications.

We have developed and delivered custom programs for many years in the following areas:

  • Business, Economics and Trade
  • Engineering and Technology
  • University Faculty Development
  • University Student Affairs Development
  • English Language Teacher Training
  • Science Teacher Development
  • University Academic Preparation

When sending in a program proposal please address the sample questions below and include as many specifics as possible to assist in drafting the program proposal to suit your needs and budget. Please send these details to

Custom Program Questions
  • How many hours of classroom instruction in total must there be?
  • If any field trips or special activities are preferred or required, please let UC San Diego Extension International Programs know. (Keep in mind that the cost of private bus transportation adds to the cost of a program.)
  • UC San Diego Extension International Program can only offer on-campus housing during July - August. Custom Program participants will need to stay in homestays or in near-campus apartments, which you can arrange directly with the homestay vendors or the near-campus housing providers.  We strongly recommend the near-campus apartments because they are very convenient, affordable, comfortable, and close to markets, a shopping mall, and bus stops.
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  • Will you want UC San Diego Extension English Language Institute to include English language training?
  • Do you have a maximum budget for this program? If so, please let us know what that budget is.
  • Have you ever sent a group to the U.S. or some other English-speaking country for this custom program before? If so, what were the strong points and the weak points which your clients reported to you about their experience?
  • What kind of funding will be provided for this custom program?
  • What kind of visa will the participants use to enter the U.S.? Note:  Instruction of 18 hours per week or more is considered to be a full-time program.  Regardless of the number of hours of instruction per week, if a student enters the U.S. with the “primary intention” of studying, then an F-1 student visa is required and the program must conform to F-1 student visa regulations for full-time studies.  For clarity of purpose and communication at the U.S. port of entry, we recommend that part-time programs consist of 12 hours of instruction or less per week in order to use the visa waiver (ESTA) or tourist visa to enter the U.S.
  • Will you include a chaperone to accompany this group?  If so, how long with the chaperone stay with the group and what will be the responsibilities of the chaperone?  (Note:  chaperones who attend the program training classes and activities will be considered as full participants in the program.  If you want the chaperone to attend just a few program activities, such as field trips, please let us know.)