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Additional Costs

Additional Costs

International Student Services Fee

Students have access to many University Extension resources, including computer labs, academic advising, visa counseling, housing assistance, campus Student Health Services, and many other general student needs. This fee is already included in Summer Session tuition.


  • $140 per short program or seminar of 1-4 weeks

  • $350 per quarter or session of 5-10 weeks

  • $700 2-quarter programs

  • $1050 3-quarter programs

  • $1400 4-quarter programs

ISS Program Change Fee $150 USD

This fee is required each time the applicant wants to change programs or program dates after submitting the original application for enrollment.

  • $150 per program change

Late Registration Fee $200 USD

This fee is required if a student does not complete registration by end of the first day of the published program start-date.

Note: All continuing students must register in person for the next program, whether or not they have already completed some of the registration requirements for the next program. Showing up in person for registration so that we can confirm immigration status and local address, as well as all other registration requirements, is mandatory for continuing students. Failure to show up in person during the assigned continuing-student registration time or failure to provide all of the required items for registration by the last day of the assigned continuing-student registration period will result in the assessment of the $200 USD Late Registration Fee. We announce the continuing-student registration periods for all programs to all students by email far in advance of the registration period so that students can prepare for it in good time.

Business Program Extension Fee $500 USD

If the student requests and is approved for a longer program, the student must pay a $500 USD Business Program Extension Fee., plus any additional tuition required for the longer program. However, if the student requests and is approved for a longer porgram during the first week of classes in their first quarter, the Business Department will waive the $500 USD Business Program Extension Fee.

Airport Transportation

The San Diego airport is located in downtown San Diego, about 30 minutes from the UC San Diego campus by car and one hour and 30 minutes by public bus. Transportation information will be sent along with the acceptance and orientation information. UC San Diego does not provide transportation to and from the airport.

Books and Instructional Materials

Payment for all books and instructional materials CANNOT be made in advance and are to be purchased upon arrival at UC San Diego.

  • ELI 10-week Programs: approximately $400 per program.

  • ELI Short-term Programs: approximately $150-$175 per program (varies by program).

  • Certificate and University Credit Programs: Approximately $200-800 per quarter.

Computer Labs and Internet Access

All international students have access to two computer labs (50 stations) at UC San Diego Extension. Preference for computer lab use is given to class-related work. All computers have high-speed internet connections and are functional in multiple languages. Printing costs 10 cents per page; no cost for computer use.


The cost of meals varies greatly depending on budget and tastes, but a good meal costs about $8-$10. Note that some housing choices include some meals. Homestay, for example, includes breakfast and dinner, and on-campus housing in summer includes three meals per day.


Click here for Information on housing options for UC San Diego Extension international students.

Medical Insurance (required)

UC San Diego Extension medical insurance is MANDATORY for all students.  The cost of UC San Diego medical insurance is:

  • Programs less than 4 weeks: $45 per week

  • 4-week programs: $180

  • 5-week Summer Session: $225

  • 10-week programs University & Professional Studies Programs: $585

  • Certificate Programs - 1 quarter: $585

  • Certificate Programs - 2 quarters: $1,170

  • Certificate Programs - 3 quarters: $1,800

  • Certificate Programs - 4 quarters: $2,340


UC San Diego Medical Insurance Coverage
1. Unlimited per illness or injury including pre-existing conditions, as well as mental health
2. $50,000 USD for medical evacuation
3. $25,000 USD for repatriation of remains
4. $75 USD deductible
5. 100% coverage of all medical care and 50% for prescription drug


The UC San Diego Extension medical insurance policy for international students covers hospitalization, with some exceptions, and many other medical expenses, but not dental or eye care. Medical insurance is non-refundable.

For information about UCSD Extension medical insurance, contact our staff at

*NOTE: Two times during the year there is a gap in insurance coverage between quarters of study.  UCSD Extension medical insurance coverage ends one week after each quarter’s end date. In September and December, there are periods of no insurance coverage unless the student purchases the additional coverage. To be sure that students of Extension International Programs who remain in the U.S. are covered during their break periods, 10-week ESL and UPS students who want to continue from Summer to Fall and from Fall to Winter must purchase UCSD medical insurance coverage OR provide proof of other acceptable coverage during the entire gap between quarters. The additional UCSD medical insurance will cost $45 per week. This payment must be made during scheduled continuing registration times at the end of the quarter.

Library Card (optional) $15 USD for Three Months

You can use the campus libraries without charge. To borrow books, however, you must buy a library card: approximately $15 for three months.

UCSD Photo Identification Card

The cost of one UC San Diego photo ID is included in the ISS fee. Studetns will pay $15 USD to replace a lost photo card.

Recreation Card (optional)

To use the campus swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, and other campus recreational facilities, you can buy a "Rec Card," which is approximately $100 per quarter.

Transportation Options

  • Bike rental: approximately $45 per week, or $130 per quarter
  • Bus pass: approximately $60 for a calendar-month student pass. Unlimited use.
  • Car rental: approximately $500 per month.
  • Parking on campus: approximately $61 per month. See

Activities and Weekend Excursions (optional)

We offer a variety of evening and weekend activities. Some are free of charge for Extension international students, and some have a discounted price that usually includes transportation and the admission ticket. Click here for an example of the types of evening and weekend activities that we offer.

OPT Application Assistance (optional)

We provide advising and application assistance to students who apply to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for permission to work in the U.S. for up to one year under the Optional Practical Training program Cost: $100 (Government filing fees are a separate cost.)

All prices are subject to change.