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SAS Programming

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Data Analysis and Reporting
Course Title
Data Mining I: Basic Methods and Techniques
Data Mining II: Advanced Methods and Applications
Data Mining III
Data Mining for Scientific Applications
Data Preparation for Data Mining
Introduction to R Programming
Output Delivery System (ODS) and Data Visualization Essentials using SAS
Overview of BI and Data Analysis
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Models with PMML
Python for Informatics
SAS Macro Programming
SAS Programming I: DATA Step and PROC Fundamentals
SAS Programming II: Advanced DATA Step Programming
Healthcare IT
Course Title
Computer Networking and Security Essentials
Essential Elements of Health Information Exchange
Medical Terminology
Overview of Medical Practice
Topics in Healthcare IT I
Topics in Healthcare IT II
Manage Your Career
Course Title
One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Resume Review: Personalized and On Demand
Story Telling for an Interview or Negotiation
Mobile Devices and Programming
Course Title
Android Programming I
Android Programming II
Mobile Device Programming Concepts
User Interface Design
iOS 9 Programming I
iOS 9 Programming II
Programming and Scripting Languages
Course Title
C# Programming I: Fundamentals of C#
C# Programming for Beginners
C/C++ Programming I : Fundamental Programming Concepts
C/C++ Programming III : Intermediate Programming with Objects
Database Programming in .NET
Distributed Programming Using WCF, REST and the Web API
Fundamentals of the .NET Framework
Introduction to Perl Programming
Introduction to SQL Programming Concepts
Java Programming I: Fundamental Java Concepts
Java Programming III : Intermediate Java Programming
MATLAB Programming for Science and Engineering
PERL for Bioinformatics
Visual Studio
Course Title
Biostatistical Methods in Clinical Trials
Clinical Biostatistics
GIS Capstone Project
GIS I: Introduction to GIS
GIS III: Geodatabase Design
Introduction to Statistics
System Administration & Networking
Course Title
UNIX Shell Programming
Web Technologies
Course Title
Advanced Web Analytics: Harnessing the Predictive Power

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