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Make proactive, data-driven decisions for your business.

Information Technology and Software Engineering Online Courses

This Study Area includes courses in the following disciplines. Select a link below to jump to a specific area or scroll to browse the entire list of offerings. Courses may be available in other formats.

Data Analysis and Reporting
Course Title
Data Mining I: Basic Methods and Techniques
Data Mining II: Advanced Methods and Applications
Data Preparation for Data Mining
Introduction to R Programming
Output Delivery System (ODS) and Data Visualization Essentials using SAS
Predictive Analytics
SAS Macro Programming
SAS Programming I: DATA Step and PROC Fundamentals
Text Mining
Healthcare IT
Course Title
Basic Concepts in Networking and Security
Concepts in Healthcare IT I
Essential Elements of Health Information Exchange
Medical Terminology
Overview of Medical Practice
Project Management in the Healthcare Environment
Manage Your Career
Course Title
One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Resume Review: Personalized and On Demand
Story Telling for an Interview or Negotiation
Mobile Devices and Programming
Course Title
Android Programming II
Mobile Device Programming Concepts
User Interface Design
iOS 8 Programming II
Programming and Scripting Languages
Course Title
C# Programming II
C# Programming for Beginners
C/C++ Programming I : Fundamental Programming Concepts
C/C++ Programming III : Intermediate Programming with Objects
Database Programming in .NET
Distributed Programming Using WCF, REST and the Web API
Fundamentals of the .NET Framework
Introduction to Perl Programming
Java Programming I: Introduction to Java Programming
Java Programming III : Intermediate Java Programming
LabVIEW Programming
MATLAB Programming for Science and Engineering
PERL for Bioinformatics
Perl For Bioinformatics II
Visual Studio
Course Title
Biostatistical Methods in Clinical Trials
GIS I: Introduction to GIS
GIS III: Geodatabase Design
Introduction to Statistics

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