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Digital Arts Online Courses

This Study Area includes courses in the following disciplines. Select a link below to jump to a specific area or scroll to browse the entire list of offerings. Courses may be available in other formats.

Course Title
Animation I: Introduction to Disney’s 12 Principles of Animation
Core Design Skills
Course Title
Digital Arts Center Professional Certificates - Information Session
Digital Arts Design Media, Web Media, and AutoCAD Certificates - Information Session
Digital Media Content Creation Professional Certificate - Information Session
Core Photography Skills
Course Title
Introduction to Photography in the Digital Age
Graphics & Digital Design
Course Title
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop I
Adobe Photoshop II (Intermediate)
Design Essentials A: Elements of Design
Design Essentials B: Advanced Applications of Design
Digital Media Content Creation I: Introduction
Digital Media Content Creation II: Graphics
Digital Media: Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite
Mobile Media
Course Title
Android Programming II
Mobile Device Programming Concepts
iOS Programming II
Course Title
Adobe After Effects I: Introduction to Motion Graphics
ProTools I: Introduction to Audio Production
Web Design
Course Title
Adobe Dreamweaver I
Adobe Dreamweaver II (Intermediate)
HTML5 & CSS for Designers: Introduction
User Interface Design I
User Interface Design II
Web Media: Principles & Techniques of Web Design
WordPress: Introduction to Blogging

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