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Career Resources

The world of work has changed; people need to take charge of managing their own career and redefine what success means as their needs and priorities change.

UC San Diego Extension provides information and resources to help students make good decisions as they are planning the next steps in their life and/or career.


Is there such a thing as the perfect job — with challenging and rewarding work, great co-workers, flexibility, work/life balance, excellent pay and benefits? How does your job stack up? Many factors can influence your level of job satisfaction. Knowing which of these is most important to you can provide valuable insight into which direction to take your career as you maneuver through different life/work stages.

Online Self-Assessments

Some of the self-assessments listed below are designed to help you clarify what's important to you in your life and work. Others will give you a quick sense of how proficient you are in career search skills, such as networking, branding and leveraging social media. None of these self-scoring quizzes are absolutely definitive; rather, they are intended to create awareness and perhaps provide some new insights about advancing your career.

Courses & Workshops

Extension offers resources designed to help students identify and achieve life/work satisfaction through professional development and personal enrichment.

Next Step Experience Courses

Connect your classroom education with real-world experiences through a Next Step Experience course. These specially designed classes allow students to gain hands-on experience by working closely with instructors and/or peers on real-world projects. Embedded within a certificate program, each Next Step Experience course is structured to help bridge the gap to employment. Some classes are focused around field work, which offers an internship-like experience; others are research-focused, while some are capstone projects only available to certificate students.
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Additional Career Resources


Career resources offered by O*Net, an online portal for career exploration, job analysis and self-assessment tools.


If you’re currently a UCSD student, jumpstart your entry into the workplace. UC San Diego has always been an innovator and leader in higher education. Now we’re paving the way to your successful bridge into the modern workplace. Learn More >

Professional Associations

UC San Diego Extension works closely with industry professional associations and encourages students to get involved for professional development and networking. Learn more about associations through Extension classes or simply do a google search for local chapters relevant to your profession.

UCSD-TV Career Channel

The Career Channel provides a public service that distributes unbiased information, tools, and expert perspectives to help professionals with their careers.
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