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ADMET Process Certificate

All courses in this certificate are now available ONLINE.

The ADMET processes – Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicology – form one of the foundations of all modern drug discovery and development. It has been reported that 50% of drug failures in development and clinical trials are due to poor ADMET properties. In order to minimize these costly failures, the paradigm of drug discovery and development has therefore been shifting to examining and optimizing these properties as early as possible. This requires virtually every organization that embarks on the challenge of creating pharmaceutical solutions to health or agricultural concerns to become expert at analyzing these processes. Accordingly, successful professionals in the field must be aware of and proficient in the examination of each of these processes, and employers must ensure the continued development of a workforce capable of understanding and facilitating systems and environments where these processes can be researched and evaluated with integrity and efficiency.

Despite the core importance of the ADMET processes to pharmaceutical science, few scientific, regulatory or business professionals possess a complete understanding of the elements of ADMET. Traditional science education prepares research specialists in one or two processes, but not the full complement and cycle. To the extent that scientific professionals understand and can incorporate ADMET concepts into their research and development projects, they are increasingly able to provide successful solutions to the R&D challenge, and they become more valuable to their organizations.

Individual courses in each of these processes offered by Extension over the past few years have confirmed the interest of the profession in strengthening understanding and application of each process element.

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Certificate Course Matrix
Course Title Course Number Units FA WI SP SU
Required Courses (All 4 courses are required.)
Drug Metabolism
  O X O
O   O X
Predicting & Selecting Promising Drug Compounds
X O   O
Schedule Varies
L=La Jolla M=Mission Valley O=Online U=University City X=Location TBA
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The primary audience for the program is practicing professionals with a science degree, currently working in the pharmaceutical field. Professionals with legal, business or clinical backgrounds, or science professionals considering entering the pharmaceutical field, may also be attracted to the program.