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Emergency Department Nursing Certificate

Learn what it takes to become a Certified Emergency Department nurse!

The Specialized Certificate in Emergency Department Nursing gives participants the essential knowledge base required for assessment and initial management of the emergency patient.

By gaining certification, participants not only validate competency, but also demonstrate a greater commitment to specialty and quality health care. Courses in the program are ideal for continuing education or relicensure credit independently of the certificate.

This program is now offered online every quarter. The certificate is also available to be tailored for groups from international healthcare organizations.

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Certificate Course Matrix
Course Title Course Number Units FA WI SP SU
Required Courses
Emergency Department Nursing, Part I
Emergency Department Nursing, Part II
Emergency Department Nursing Basic Preceptorship
L=La Jolla M=Mission Valley O=Online U=University City X=Location TBA
Certificate Programs

To Apply for the Certificate Program

From the 'Apply Now' button, login to your student account, complete the online application, and pay the application fee if applicable. It is preferable that you create an account before proceeding if you have not already done so.

Candidates are encouraged to apply in the certificate program as early as possible to take advantage of program benefits. See Certificate FAQs for more information.

Application Fee: $0 Apply Now!
Contact: Healthcare & Behavioral Sciences, 858-534-9262
Email: unexhealthcare@ucsd.edu
Please note: Upon acceptance into the program, there will be a $60 certificate fee.

Conditions for Admission

Current CA or RN license, current CPR card, negative TB test, insurance coverage and general computer experience (Word/Windows and/or email)

Please see the application for any additional admission requirements for this program. Although a college degree or professional experience in the field are not required, applicants with such experience may receive preference for admission when program capacity is limited.

Next Steps Experience

Connect your classroom education with real-world experiences through a Next Step Experience course. These specially designed classes allow students to gain hands-on experience by working closely with instructors and/or peers on real-world projects.

In the Emergency Department Nursing Basic Preceptorship, each student will demonstrate their familiarity with the equipment and monitoring devices used in an Emergency Department under the guidance of a mentor. Students conveniently complete this course in their own workplace or in another facility. Participants learn splinting, using auto-transfusing equipment and experience being an integral part of an emergency team.

The goal of this course is that the student apply the academic knowledge learned in the two theory components of the Emergency Nursing Program in a clinical setting. Please review the note below for specific details.

Please Note

Preceptorship for Online Emergency Nursing Students

To obtain a certificate in emergency nursing the student will need to complete 60 clinical hours in an emergency department (or ER compatible site.)

Each online student will liaise directly with the instructor regarding the clinical placement that will occur at the student's location. The clinical component is not done at UCSD or arranged by UCSD. It is up to the online student to arrange his or her own clinical experience with the instructor in a facilitating role.