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Foreign Language Programs

Foreign Languages - Courses

This Study Area includes courses in the following disciplines. Select a link below to jump to a specific area or scroll to browse the entire list of offerings.

Course Title
Arabic for Communication I
Arabic for Communication IV
Modern Standard Arabic I
Chinese (Mandarin)
Course Title
Chinese for Communication I
Chinese for Communication II
Chinese for Communication III
Course Title
French Book Club
French for Communication I
French for Communication II
French for Communication III
French for Communication IV
French for Communication V
Course Title
German for Communication I
Course Title
Italian for Communication I
Course Title
Conversations in Japanese
Japanese for Communication I
Japanese for Communication II
Japanese for Communication III
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Course Title
For Travelers: Brazilian Portuguese
Portuguese for Communication I
Portuguese for Communication II
Portuguese for Communication V
Course Title
Conversations in Spanish: News and World Issues
Refining Fluency in Spanish: Spain & the Caribbean
Spanish for Communication I
Spanish for Communication II
Spanish for Communication III
Spanish for Communication IV
Spanish for Communication V
Spanish for Communication VI
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals I
Translation & Interpretation
Course Title
English to Spanish Translation I
Entrance Exam
Introduction to Court Interpretation
Introduction to Interpretation
Introduction to Swordfish
Introduction to Translation
Medical Translation: Internal Medicine
Sight Translation: Theory & Practice
Simultaneous Interpretation: Theory & Practice
Spanish to English Translation I
Spanish to English Translation II
Strategic Marketing & Branding for Translators & Interpreters
Theory and Practice of Translation
Tools and Technology in Translation
Translation & Interpretation Program Information Session

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