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Art, Photography and Performing Arts - Courses

This Study Area includes courses in the following disciplines. Select a link below to jump to a specific area or scroll to browse the entire list of offerings.

Course Title
Acting I: Introduction
Acting II: Intermediate
Acting Programs - Information Session
How to Get Cast: The Business of the Business
Improv 101
Art History
Course Title
Art through the Ages: Prehistory to Ancient Egypt
Course Title
Animal Illustration
Animation I: Introduction to Disney's 12 Principles of Animation
Animation II: Animation Skill Building
Drawing: Focus on Perception (Beginning)
Drawing: Refining Technique (Intermediate)
Figure Drawing I
Graphics & Digital Design
Course Title
Adobe Dreamweaver I: Introduction
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop I: Introduction
Adobe Photoshop II: Intermediate
Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite
Web Media: Principles & Techniques of Web Design
Mixed Media
Course Title
Children's Book Illustration II: Focus on Style
Children's Book Illustration Information Session
Children's Book Writing & Illustration Information Session: a Student's Perspective
Creative Process I
Course Title
Beginning Piano, Level I
Beginning Piano, Level II
Guitar I
Guitar II
Intermediate Piano
Music Programs - Information Session
Music Theory 101
Singing I
Singing II
UCSD Jazz Camp - Information Session
Course Title
Abstract Painting
Oil Painting I
Plein Air Painting: A Working Method
Course Title
Beyond Image: Using Photography with Other Media
Color Management for Photographers
Crash Course: the Art of Skateboard Photography
Digital Camera Basics
Digital Darkroom II
Digital Darkroom: Capture to Computer
Documentary Photography
Lightroom Workshop
Photo I: Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO
Photo III: Portfolio
Photo Silkscreen I
Sports Action Photography Information Session
The Endless Road Photography

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