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Business of IT
Course Title
Business Process Optimization (BPO)
Business Productivity using Microsoft Access
Business Productivity using Microsoft Excel
Effective Management of IT Projects
Enterprise Systems Evaluation and Management Issues
How to Think Like a CIO!
Interviewing for Technical Jobs (Career Workshop)
SharePoint I: The Essentials
SharePoint II: End User (Power User)
Strategic Role of IT in Business
Cloud Computing and Networking
Course Title
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) I
Cloud Development with the Windows Azure Platform
Security and Compliance in the Cloud
Your Place in the Cloud (Career Workshop)
Data Analysis and Reporting
Course Title
Business Intelligence: Microsoft Reporting Services SSRS
Data Mining Applications in GIS (Career Workshop)
Data Mining I: Basic Methods and Techniques
Data Mining II: Advanced Methods and Applications
Data Preparation for Data Mining
Design and Implement OLAP Cubes with MSAS 2012 to support BI solutions
Introduction to R Programming
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Models with PMML
SAS Programming I: DATA Step and PROC Fundamentals
SAS Programming II: Advanced DATA Step Programming
Text Mining
The Power of SAS (Career Workshop)
Data Management
Course Title
Data Modeling and Relational Database Design
Oracle Database Administration Workshop I
Program with Oracle PL/SQL
Healthcare IT
Course Title
Basic Concepts in Networking and Security
Concepts in Healthcare IT I
Essential Elements of Health Information Exchange
Healthcare IT Trends (Career Workshop)
Medical Terminology
Overview of Medical Practice
Project Management in the Healthcare Environment
Manage Your Career
Course Title
Acting for Everyday Life
How to Start a New Business
One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Resume Review: Personalized and On Demand
Story Telling for an Interview or Negotiation
The Charisma Edge
Mobile Devices and Programming
Course Title
Android Programming I
Android Programming II
Designing Great Mobile Apps (Career Workshop)
Introduction to Objective-C
Mobile Device Programming Concepts
Programming for Windows Phone 8
User Interface Design I
iOS Programming I
iOS Programming II
Programming and Scripting Languages
Course Title
ASP.NET MVC Fundamentals
ASP.NET Programming
C# Programming I
C# Programming II
C# Programming for Beginners
C/C++ Programming I : Fundamental Programming Concepts
C/C++ Programming II : Dynamic Memory and File I/O Concepts
C/C++ Programming III : Intermediate Programming with Objects
C/C++ Programming IV: Advanced Programming with Objects
Data Structures and Algorithms
Fundamentals of the .NET Framework
HTML5 & CSS3 for Developers
Introduction to Programming
Introduction to SQL Programming Concepts
Java Programming I: Introduction to Java Programming
Java Programming II: Core Java Programming
Java Programming III : Intermediate Java Programming
Java Programming IV : Advanced Java Programming Structures
Java for Bioinformatics
JavaScript I
JavaScript II: Intermediate JavaScript and Ajax
New Features of C/C++ (Career Workshop)
PERL for Bioinformatics
PHP Model-View-Controller (MVC)
Programming Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Visual Studio
Software Engineering Tools and Processes
Course Title
Business Practices for Software Project Managers
Successful Software Implementation and Delivery
Using Planguage to Quantify Software Quality Requirements (Career Workshop)
Course Title
Biostatistical Methods in Clinical Trials
GIS Capstone Project
GIS I: Introduction to GIS
GIS II: Spatial Analysis
GIS III: Geodatabase Design
GIS IV: 3-D Display and Analysis of Spatial Data
Introduction to Statistics
The Developing Field of Biostatistics (Career Workshop)
System Administration
Course Title
SQL Server Administration I
UNIX Operating Systems - Introduction
UNIX Shell Programming
UNIX System Administration I
UNIX System Administration II
Web Technologies
Course Title
HTML5 & CSS for Designers: Introduction
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing
Web Analytics: Techniques, Tools, and Tricks
Web Optimization and Analysis using SEO, Analytics and Social media (Career Workshop)
Web Publishing I
Web Publishing II: HTML & CSS
Web Publishing III: Site Design & Usability

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