Mammalian Fermentation

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Bioinformatics & Life Sciences IT
Course Title
Bioinformatics & Precision Medicine (Career Workshop)
Genomic Sequencing Technologies
Java for Bioinformatics
PERL for Bioinformatics
Pattern Recognition for Bioinformatics
Course Title
Biostatistical Methods in Clinical Trials
Introduction to R Programming
SAS Programming I: DATA Step and PROC Fundamentals
SAS Programming II: Advanced DATA Step Programming
The Developing Field of Biostatistics (Career Workshop)
The Power of SAS (Career Workshop)
Biotech & Pharmaceutical Operations
Course Title
Advanced QA/QC for Drugs & Biologics
Good Manufacturing Practices
Introduction to QA/QC for Drugs & Biologics
Business of Biotech
Course Title
Biotech Patent Law (Career Workshop)
Clinical Trials
Course Title
Clinical Trials Intensive Workshop
Data Management Systems for Sponsors of Clinical Trials
Financial Management of Clinical Trials
Good Clinical Practices
Human Subjects Protection and IRBs
Course Title
In Vitro Diagnostics Product Development
Molecular Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine
Drug Discovery & Development
Course Title
Analytical Chemistry
Applied Immunology
Drug Metabolism
Predicting & Selecting Promising Drug Compounds
General Life Science
Course Title
Career Strategy Session II with the Life/Work Center: Conversation with Life Science Professionals
Cell and Molecular Biology
Introduction to Biochemistry
Introduction to Genetics and Human Disease
Introduction to Human Physiology
Introduction to Molecular Biology
Microbiology: Fundamentals to Application
Stem Cell Biology
Industrial Biotechnology
Course Title
Aquatic Ecology
Biomass Production
Chemistry and Biochemistry of Biofuels
Climate Change in Four Dimensions: Scientific, Policy, International, and Social
Downstream Processing and Refinement of Biofuels
Genetics and Physiology of Photosynthetic Microorganisms
Introduction to Biofuels
Mammalian Fermentation Workshop
Microbial Fermentation Workshop
Manage Your Career
Course Title
Acting for Everyday Life
How to Start a New Business
One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Resume Review: Personalized and On Demand
Story Telling for an Interview or Negotiation
The Charisma Edge
Regulatory Affairs
Course Title
Good Laboratory Practices
Overview of Regulatory Affairs for Medical Device Professionals
Regulatory Compliance for Drugs & Biologics
Regulatory Requirements for Drugs & Biologics

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