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We offer the most diverse, academically-rigorous foreign language program in the area. The quality of our curriculum is unmatched, and our expert instructors provide the passion, experience and know-how you need to learn a language year-round.

While not required, we encourage you to enroll at least 3-5 days prior to the class starting. Early enrollment ensures your place in the class and helps avoid course cancellations due to low enrollments.

Questions? Email us at or call (858) 534-5760.

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Fulfilling the foreign language needs of the San Diego community

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We Offer Our Students...

  • Small class sizes
  • A convenient evening schedule
  • A focus on communication
  • Academic credit
  • A wide-range of languages
  • Expert, experienced instructors
  • Motivated adult learners who share your interests

Which Level Is Best for Me?

  • Beginners enroll in Level I.
  • Been a while? Try Level II.
  • Review the textbook chapters, as well as tenses, parts of speech, and grammar offered at each level.
  • Visit the first class meeting.
  • Enroll in a higher level course only if you're confident you meet the prerequisite language level.
  • "For Travelers" workshops are appropriate for beginners.

Bilingual in Spanish & English?
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Demand for qualified translators and interpreters is strong in California, with nearly 7,000,000 people speaking limited English. Gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and technical skill set required to succeed in our Spanish/English Translation & Interpretation programs.

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Learn the Language
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"To have another language is to possess a second soul." ~Charlemagne

Our Foreign Language programs offer expert instructors, academic credit, more individualized attention, and onsite programs for your workplace.

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