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Sciences Courses

UC San Diego Extension offers a variety of courses and certificate programs to meet the continuing education needs of the sciences community. Programs support a wide range of high-level skill development for vetted industry professionals and entry level opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in biotechnology and environmental sciences fields.

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Medicinal Chemistry 3-Day Intensive Program
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September 19-22
This intensive, four-day program focuses on the chemistry of drug molecules and drug action. Review topics essential for understanding the multidisciplinary areas of medicinal chemistry. This program is directed primarily at graduate and post-doctoral chemists and biologists who have a basic knowledge of drug discovery and development.
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Algae Biotechnology Lab Courses
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This summer is a great time to gain practical laboratory experience in production technologies and practices for algae biomass production at a pilot and commercial scale. Discover the lab courses offered only once a year; Algae Biomass Production Lab, Photosynthetic Microorganisms Molecular Biology Laboratory and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. Register today.
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Microbial Fermentation Workshop
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August 17-19
Developed in partnership with UC San Diego's Division of Biological Sciences, this 3-day workshop is designed to provide a deep dive into bioreactor principles and bioprocess development. Gain the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to design, develop, optimize, control, scale-up, analyze, and troubleshoot your fermentation processes. Learn More

New! Conservation Psychology
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June 28
Learn how to apply psychological principles, theories and methods to understand and solve environmental problems. Gain an overview of contemporary environmental issues, with a focus on the link with human behavior.Explore solutions and examine successful and unsuccessful interventions designed to change human behavior.
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New! Advanced Studies in Regulatory Science
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Are you a regulatory or quality professional? Explore this new certificate offering curriculum complementing the rapidly expanding pace of the phamaceutical and biotechnology industries. Stay current with the latest developments and learn how about the regulatorysystems and agencies in key global regions.
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Introduction to Biochemistry- ONLINE
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Gain an understanding of the molecules that drive living organisms. Study life at the atomic and molecular level. Explore the four classes of biomolecules that are the building blocks of living organisms – proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. Learn how bioenergy is stored in and extracted from food sources.
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