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Mobile Device Programming

Technology Courses

Professionals involved in information technology and engineering know they must stay up to date with the latest trends to keep their careers on-track and support the technological and economic advancement of their organizations. Delivering expert instruction with hands-on experience, University of California, San Diego Extension gives students the opportunity to master areas that include programming languages, systems administration, web development, embedded engineering, systems engineering, communications engineering and much more.

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Data Mining Certificate--ONLINE!
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Modern scientific and commercial databases can contain massive volumes of data. Within these records lies important information that can only be effectively analyzed using techniques associated with the growing discipline of data mining. Become familiar with the essential tools required to work in this dynamic field, now available online.
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Adv. Topics in Power Syst
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June 28
Gain an overview of the knowledge that power engineers need to master power system dynamics based on the current versions of the NERC Reliability Standards. Learn from case histories of the instructor, the principal investigator of major grid disturbances in the United States and abroad at Westinghouse Electric and Electric Power Research Institute.
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Wireless Engineering Certificate-- Redesigned!
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Wireless communications technology has developed without measure in the past ten years. Gain the leading edge, specialized skills required in industries including mobile technologies, radio technology, security and surveillance, lighting technology,medical and fitness devices, and more!
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New Android Programming certificate
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Gain a competitive edge and learn new skills to program applications that run natively on mobile devices specific to Android based technology, focusing on object oriented programming. Android Java and Android Studio will be used throughout each course with the initial course providing insight as to the differences in Java programming for mobile.
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New! Power Systems Engineering Certificate
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Learn the building blocks of the power system, its control and management. Designed to prepare those with minimal experience with electric power to speak the language and perform substantial tasks within the electric grid and power system network.
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New iOS 9 Programming certificate
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Gain new skills necessary to program applications that run natively on mobile devices specific to iOS for Apple based technology, including a step-by-step instruction that will detail processes required to program apps optimized for different screen sizes, the Apple Watch and Apple TV.
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