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Writing gives us the chance to explore the essence of what it is to be human, and editors make it a pleasure to read. Tap into your inner writer and discover the power of the written word in one of our compelling courses today.

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“Books are humanity in print.”


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Creative Writing
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"A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." Richard Bach

Learn the vital techniques designed to enhance, encourage, and enrich your writing in one of our many creative writing courses. Beginner to advanced, as well as specialized workshops available.

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Better Than a Book Club
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Take yourself back to the day when you first experienced that amazing sense of expansiveness and transcendence that comes from feeling the world around you dissolve into a book. Join other passionate and intelligent readers and our extraordinarily knowledgeable and enthusiastic expert instructors, and begin a new chapter in your own life.

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Digital Media Content Creation
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There's a growing demand for content on the Web. Learn more about our cutting edge program that includes elements of graphic design, journalism, marketing, and photojournalism to sharpen your skill set and make your blog a success.

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History, Politics and Culture
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Are you concerned with the state of the nation and the world? Do you like to discuss and debate current events? Discover new depths to issues and learn the history of our social, cultural and political values.

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Technical Communication
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Technical writers work in every field. Our Professional Certificate in Technical Communication is designed to meet the needs of the marketplace by providing participants with the knowledge, skills and abilities to get hired. And the program is now online!

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