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Professionals involved in information technologies and software engineering know they must stay up to date with the latest trends to keep their careers on-track and support the technological and economic advancement of their organizations. Delivering expert instruction with hands-on experience, University of California, San Diego Extension gives students the opportunity to master areas that include new programming languages, systems administration, database design, data management, web technologies, and software project management.

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Database Choices: The debate over platform
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Starts May 8
Explore this new course in Business Intelligence Analytics! Gain a strong understanding of the range of relational database options and acquire in depth knowledge of at least one database system.
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Healthcare IT Certificate ONLINE
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Geared towards professionals with a background in Healthcare, Information Technology and/or Project Management, the Healthcare IT Certificate program provides the strong technical training & interpersonal skill development deemed essential to success in the Healthcare IT field.
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Building Universal Windows Apps
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Starts June 22
Discover how to develop applications for all Windows devices using the Unified Windows runtime and Visual Studio tools.Learn how you can produce packages that you will submit to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store with a single action to get your app out to customers on any Windows device.
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Intellectual Property Law
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Starts April 13
Explore the basic concepts of intellectual property. The nuts and bolts of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are explained in layman's terms. Real-life examples and "war stories" are interwoven to clarify and emphasize the hot intellectual property issues that can make or break a company's financial health.
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Web Publishing III: Site Design & Usability
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Starts May 26
Explore more advanced topics in web development including material covered in Web Publishing I and II, expanding to browser compatibility, responsive design and asynchronous and synchronous data exchange. Technologies covered include javascript, jquery, css3, html 5.s.
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HTML5 and CSS3
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Starts April 8
Don't miss this introductory course in core web technologies HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Review good coding practice, W3C code validation, and the different versions of HTML/XHTML. Explore recent upgrades to CSS3 and the new HTML APIs such as geolocation for mobile environment.
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