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In our constantly changing global landscape, individuals and organizations have an ever-increasing responsibility to consider the welfare and interests of society as a whole. UC San Diego Extension’s Public Service and Social Responsibility courses offer cutting-edge and practical instruction to prepare individuals for leadership roles and other activities related to civic engagement, public service, advocacy, social action, and environmental sustainability.

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California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
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Starts June 29
Potential environmental impact is an important consideration in all planning and development projects. Review the CEQA process in detail, including its 17 key environmental issue areas. Learn how to use an initial study to streamline analysis, and how to determine direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts.
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New! Environmental Policy Clinic
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Starts July 13
Don't miss this new interactive training program! Learn to engage effectively in environmental policy, communication, and advocacy. Discover how to analyze current environmental policies, regulations, and legislation, identify issues of concern, assess alternatives, and develop policy priorities and recommendations for an employer or client.
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Environmental Economics
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July 7, 2015
Learn how to meet the organizational challenges of today including defining a sustainable vision, setting measurable economic goals, and designing and implementing strategies to improve operations and productivity.Explore strategies in economic analyses, incorporating facilities maintenance, equipment depreciation, and daily operating activities.
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Sustainable and Environmental Management Reporting
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Learn how to more accurately determine, manage and report your company and sector performance through environmental management reporting—a growing industry with emerging job opportunities.Discover the flexibility of a range of environmental management reporting techniques, and how to tailor reporting to meet your needs.
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Fundraising and Development Certificate
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Increase your ability to raise capital for your organization or business by gaining insight into the psychology of philanthropy and fundraising.

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Career Resources
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UCSD Extension's new Center for Life/Work Strategies provides resources to complement traditional course offerings and help individuals progress in their careers. In today's market, career management skills are just as important as job skills.
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