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San Diego's biotechnology pharmaceutical industries are exciting and dynamic growth sectors in the California economy. With this expansion comes ongoing challenges and the need for innovation.

UC San Diego Extension offers a broad array of courses and certificate programs to meet the continuing education needs of the life sciences community, support high-level skills development for industry professionals and career transition for those interested in entering the biotechnology field.

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Microbiology: Fundamentals to Application
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Examine basic microbiological concepts and processes including microbial structure, metabolism, genetics, and their application in drug discovery and industrial processes. Explore issues related to interactions between microbes, between microbes and their environment, environmental metagenomics, the surge of infectious diseases, bioterrorism, and green chemistry.
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Biotechnology Project Management Certificate
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Begins September 28!
The biotech industry has a distinct set of requirements for the project manager. Managing various discovery, development, testing and manufacturing processes within a highly-regulated and creative environment poses unique project management challenges. Learn about this joint certificate with the University of Washington Extension
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Genomic Sequencing Technologies
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Review current genomic sequencing technologies while exploring the scientific and medical applications that these technologies are enabling. Instruction centers on traditional and next generation sequencing including: genetic test design strategies, bioinformatics workflows at genomic scale, population genetics and medicine. Learn more

Explore the Biofuels Industry
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A 2014 analysis conducted by the San Diego Association of Governments’ economic bureau, reports the estimated economic impact of algae biotechnology research & manufacturing is approximately 1,020 jobs, $80 million dollars in wages, and over $175 million of economic output to the San Diego regional economy annually. Explore courses in this dynamic area.
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Explore how SAS can be used across many industries
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SAS is a software suite used in the statistical analysis of data, data preparation, reporting, data mining and analytics. Explore "SAS Programming I: DATA Step and PROC Fundamentals" and "SAS Programming II: Advanced DATA Step Programming", both online this Summer.
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