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Engineering professionals know they must stay up to date with the latest trends to keep their careers on-track and support the technological and economic advancement of their organizations. Delivering expert instruction with hands-on experience, the Engineering programs give students the opportunity to master several areas.

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New! SolidWorks
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Starts April 9
Learn the basics of 3D modeling, including building parts, assemblies, technical drawings, and more. Receive a hands-on experience while learning the Computer Aided Design and Analysis software SolidWorks.
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New! LabVIEW Application Development
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Starts April 15
Learn structured practices to design, develop, test, and deploy LabVIEW applications.Students will have the opportunity to obtain certification as a LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) or LabVIEW Developer (CLD).
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New!Power System Analysis and Control
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Starts April 13
Explore background concepts for large-scale power system analysis including modeling of power system components and study of power system networks. Review aspects of generation, transmission, distribution, control, and economics of operation.
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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
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Specialized Certificate
GIS I: Introduction to GIS starts April 9
GIS allows businesses to use geographical data to make better decisions. As businesses become more aware of the importance of having geographers to analyze data, the demand will increase for professionals educated in this field. This hands-on certificate will help you become grounded in the theory and application of GIS.
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New! Computer Vision
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Starts April 14
Become introduced to computer vision through use of OpenCV open source computer vision framework.Review topics including camera models & camera calibration; optical flow & object tracking; machine learning techniques; image features & object recognition; stereo vision; face detection & face recognition; methods for 3D scene reconstruction.
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FPGA Embedded Design
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Starts April 14
Explore design concepts such as embedded processor integration, peripheral bus implementation, watch dog timers, external MCU interfaces, serial interfaces, interrupt handlers, register files, memory arbitration, embedded memories and embedded programming.
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