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Engineering professionals know they must stay up to date with the latest trends to keep their careers on-track and support the technological and economic advancement of their organizations. Delivering expert instruction with hands-on experience, the Engineering programs give students the opportunity to master several areas.

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LabVIEW Programming
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Develop intuitive, powerful programs with National Instrument's LabVIEW.Begin with an introduction to LabVIEW, explore programming fundamentals, then move to more advanced topics.Receive hands-on instruction and a series of programming exercises.
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New! Power Systems Engineering Certificate
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Learn the building blocks of the power system, its control and management. Designed to prepare those with minimal experience with electric power to speak the language and perform substantial tasks within the electric grid and power system network.
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Wireless Engineering Certificate-- Redesigned!
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Wireless communications technology has developed without measure in the past ten years. Gain the leading edge, specialized skills required in industries including mobile technologies, radio technology, security and surveillance, lighting technology,medical and fitness devices, and more!
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RFID Design and Applications
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Radio Frequency Identification has evolved greatly over the past decade in design and applications. It currently has entered all aspects of supply chain, monitoring, security and medical devices. Discover the design and operation of RFID circuits and systems, their types and various implications in the industry and life.
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Digital Signal Processing Certificate- ONLINE!
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Learn the fundamentals used in computer vision, speech synthesis, medical imaging, and video/audio/data communications.Explore this fully online certificate specifically designed for software, hardware, and system engineers, and technical managers who are involved in evaluation, design and development of DSP-based applications.
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Tactical Wireless Communication
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Discover the differences between commercial and military communications at each protocol stack layer. Explore physical layer design, non-coherent demodulation, fading, spread spectrum and frequency hopping and issues related to coding. Compare legacy military radios with same-era commercial technology discussing modulation, error control coding, and Doppler shift.
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