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Introduction to Six Sigma (Yellow Belt)

Six Sigma principles can be effectively applied to virtually any business. Even Major League Baseball has embraced Six Sigma, calling it “Winning”. Step up to bat and take a swing at understanding the basic fundamentals of Six Sigma through the lens of baseball. This six week course, will demonstrate the advantage of applying Six Sigma principles using this non-traditional case study. The participant will learn how to understand and speak the language of Six Sigma as well as gain the ability to apply basic principles. The course is designed for those who want to become stronger contributors to a Six Sigma organization, those who want to be able to evaluate the benefit of bringing Six Sigma into their business, or those who would like to instantly increase their marketability by learning this business-wide, process improvement method.

Learn about the various Six Sigma belts and which is right for you.
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Course Number: BUSA-40805   Credit: 2 units

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