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Digital Arts Center Workshop: Graphic & Web Design Program

In this workshop, Donna Sandsmark, lead instructor for the Digital Arts Center (DAC) Professional Certificate in Graphic & Web Design, will discuss Digital Arts, the current state of graphic and web design, and more.

Students who attend this workshop will complete a graphic design lesson, meet program instructors and staff, and more. Learn more about the one year program in Graphic & Web Design at

Note: This workshop takes place in a lecture environment, so no additional equipment is required. Students who wish to follow along may optionally bring their own laptops with Adobe software installed.

Course Number: INFO-70016   Credit: 0 units in Information Session

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Section ID Fee Status
04/25/16   + More Information In-class 116047 $0.00 Add to Cart
05/23/16   + More Information In-class 116048 $0.00 Add to Cart
06/27/16   + More Information In-class 116051 $0.00 Add to Cart
07/25/16   + More Information In-class 116052 $0.00 Add to Cart
08/22/16   + More Information In-class 116053 $0.00 Add to Cart