Brewing Certificate

Copyediting II

To thrive as a copy editor you must practice judicious and defensible editing. In this course you will be continually challenged to maintain the author’s voice and meaning while correcting subjective errors that result in convoluted writing. You will tear apart and rebuild sentences, build a case for why your revision is the best one, and practice communicating with the author and editor through sensitive and appropriate queries. You will get additional practice with style sheets and electronic editing, delve deeper into Chicago, and continue to explore varying editorial practices.

Note: Prerequisites for enrollment: Successful completion of or current enrollment in Grammar Lab (WCWP-40234) and Copyediting I (WCWP-40236) or Copyediting I for Technical Communicators (WCWP-40243).

Course Number: WCWP-40237   Credit: 3 units

This course is part of the following Certificate Program(s):

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