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Acting II: Intermediate

Continue to build your acting skills and develop your own unique creative process for interpreting and rehearsing scenes. Take the opportunity to explore the work of many different playwrights, such as Ibsen and Mamet, through script analysis, class discussion and scene work. Discover how to develop the moment-to-moment concentration so vital to the actor and how to create a supportive and satisfying ensemble. Learn improvisation, basic approaches to realistic acting, and the basics of the Stanislavski “method” and the acting systems of Sanford Meisner and Michael Chekhov. Learn techniques actors use to overcome stage fright, improve relaxation and focus, build trust and foster teamwork, all while finding your true voice as an actor.

Note: prerequisite: Completion of a beginner's course such as Introduction to Acting or equivalent experience.

Course Number: THEA-40013   Credit: 3 units

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