Maldives Blue Prosperity Training Program

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Learn from experts in the field.  

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About the Program

The Maldives Blue Prosperity Training Program

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Location & Schedule

Location: Online via Canvas
Students will receive the course schedule and login instructions prior to the start date of each course.


 Program Overview

Coral Survey Science 1| Coral Survey Science 2 I Marine Spatial Planning | Blue Economy | Marine Protected Areas / Sustainable Fisheries



Course Descriptions


Gain an introduction in how to plan for and execute a coral reef survey, including evaluating benthic habitat (health and cover) and fish biomass. Participants will learn methods and approaches to analyzing coral reef survey data, focusing specifically on benthic habitat mapping, characterization of mesophotic habitat, visual surveys of fish, and macroinvertebrate communities, and underwater photomosaic technology.

Gain advanced training in data analysis and visualization.

Learn about concepts and tools for marine spatial planning, with hands-on training to help develop strategies for data collection, spatial mapping, stakeholder consultations, and decision-making.

 Meet Your Instructors


Caleb Chao, MPH



Caleb Chao, MPH

Amos Peters Ph.D.





  • Courses taught by experts in the field

  • Full Certificate in 5 months

  • All course materials included

  • Open exclusively to participants from the Maldives

  • Complimentary enrollment

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Fiona O'Donnell-Lawson, Program Manager
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