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Alissa Evans

Alissa Evans is an undergraduate student at UCLA who is set to receive a degree in cognitive science with a minor in film in June of 2020. Her interests range from psychology to screenwriting, and she looks forward to sharing these passions with her students. At UCLA she worked in a research lab investigating the mechanisms that underlie human learning, and she hopes to pursue a career in child psychology. However, she balances her interest in behavioral science with her love for writing and film. She worked as a staff writer for UCLA’s Daily Bruin newspaper where she regularly critiqued films, and aims to finish her first full-length screenplay within a year or two of graduating. She has also tutored students in math and English and works for a program that provides care to kids with disabilities. By exposing students to topics in behavioral science and filmmaking, which are not traditionally emphasized in K-12 education, she hopes to help them discover and foster new passions.
Evans, Alissa