Benny K Bing
M.S., B.S.

Benny Bing has published over 70 scientific papers and 16 books, and has 6 U.S. patents licensed to industry. He has served as a technical editor for the IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine for 10 years, a guest editor for the IEEE Communications Magazine (twice) and IEEE JSAC, and an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. His IEEE tutorials were sponsored 8 times by industry. Cisco Systems launched its first wireless product using 18,000 printed copies of one of his books. In addition, he was invited by Qualcomm and Comcast to conduct on-site courses, and the NSF to serve as a panelist on residential broadband. Among the various research, teaching, and industry awards he has received include the NAB Technology Innovation award. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering.

Bing, Benny

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