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Camille Primm

Camille Primm is an award-winning career and performance strategist recognized for her street-smarts and ability to act as a catalyst for positive change. She is author of "Learning The Ropes and Discover Your Inner Strength: Cutting Edge Growth Strategies from the Industry’s Leading Experts."

An accomplished leader, Primm is known for her interactive motivational style and use of humor to underscore key points. She has facilitated seminars and consulted with organizations nationwide in developing the talent they need to get the job done while creating a learning environment valuing high performance. Her work has gained international recognition via career Internet sites where over 100 of her work/life articles have been published and guided thousands of workers through transitions and growth.

Primm is a graduate of Longwood University in Virginia. Her training and consulting practice, Primm and Partners, is based in San Diego, CA.

Primm, Camille