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Donna Sandsmark combines a background in engineering, programming and design to create a learning environment that covers all aspects of web design. A lead instructor in the Web Design and Interactive Media program at The Art Institute, Sandsmark also works as a freelance developer creating websites, content management systems and mobile apps for companies nationwide. Sansdmark received a bachelor's in engineering and management from Penn State University and a master's in computer science from University of Southern California.

Sandsmark, Donna M

My Courses

Introduction to Front End Technologies
Students will gain a high level introduction to logic principles required for successful web programing and development, including an overview of different technologies used in front end...
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Portfolio Development - Web Design
Upon successful completion of the required courses in the Web Media certificate program, a consolidation of your design projects for presentation will be reviewed one-on-one with the lead program...
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User Experience (UX) Design II
This course covers style guides, designing for different screens (web, kiosks and mobile devices), user interface design, and best practices in typography, design and navigation. Participants will...
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User Experience (UX) Portfolio

This course provides in-depth feedback to students as they refine the portfolio that they have been developing throughout the User Experience (UX) Design program. 

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Web Design I: Principles & Techniques
Become familiar with the principles and techniques for creating websites for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Learn the steps of the online design process: define goals, identifying the message...
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