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Frank Quattrocchi

Frank Quattrocchi is a General Manager and Business Consultant based in San Diego, California. With over fifteen years of experience in business management Frank has extensive experience managing teams, optimizing operations, and designing and implementing strategies to increase business profits and efficiency. In his five years of experience as a Business Consultant, Frank has gained insight into multiple industries and has worked with executives from a diverse array of companies from small startups to nonprofits to large corporations.
His experience driving strategy internally as a General Manager -- coupled with his consulting experience of bringing an external viewpoint into established organizations -- gives him a unique perspective in how and why business strategies succeed and fail.
Frank earned his MBA from San Diego State University. In addition to his background in business, he has experience teaching Business English in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with executives from small businesses and multinational corporations including AB InBev, SAP, and 21st Century Fox.