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Lorrie Friet is an instructor, artist and adventurer with an MFA degree and art in collections worldwide. She is an artist consultant for beautifulpb.org, implementing street murals to enhance pathways for pedestrians and bicyclist. She is also a senior instructor of SD Floating lab, teaching marine sciene to San Diego county students and visitors from Arizona, Colorado and Mexico. 

My Courses

Arts, Crafts, and Relaxation
Too much school work or screen time? Not enough hands on activities? Relax and make stuff! Explore arts and crafts throughout history and in various cultures. Participants will learn how to make...
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Graphic Design using Photoshop & Illustrator

This class focuses on designing logos, business cards, and postcards. Students will learn how to edit photos and use special effects (fire effect, lighting, gradient, transparency, blur...
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Math & Material Science

Discover how to design and paint murals, no art experience needed. Students will calculate the needed materials and costs to complete large-scale murals using basic math skills, and explore how...
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Slimy Sea Creatures
Learn about slimy sea creatures like octopuses, sea stars, sand dollars and moon snails, to name a few. Observe a squid dissection and write your name in squid-ink while learning about anatomical...
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Wonderful Waves

In this fun-filled class, students will explore the wonderful world of waves. The class will include science experiments, hands-on activities, and arts and crafts. Students will discover the...
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