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Lou Melendez

Lou Melendez, M.S., PMP, has over 25 years’ of experience with the CA Department of Transportation. He is currently a project manager at Caltrans, where he works with the local transportation commissions and collaborates with the local metropolitan planning organization (SANDAG), Federal Highways, the City of Coronado Transportation Commission, Caltrans planners and outside consultants. He provides a variety of project deliverables associated with the regional transportation planning process and its impacts on numerous local routes and corridors. His projects have received several awards from federal and state transportation agencies, AASHTO and local groups. As a construction project management specialist, he has given multiple state-wide technical presentations on construction safety, technical construction issues, software use and project management.

Melendez was one of the first Caltrans employees to receive the PMP certification and has been a project manager for over 15 years. He also provided input on the PMP exam update. He has presented at the PMI conference and volunteers in the mentorship program at the San Diego chapter of PMI.

Melendez, Lou