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Lourdes Venard is an independent editor and editorial consultant with more than 30 years of writing, editing, design and project management experience. She has worked as a reporter, copyeditor and copy desk supervisor at major newspapers, including The Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Newsday.

Venard works as an independent editor for travel and online food websites. She also runs her own editorial business, Comma Sense Editing, working with publishers and individual authors. She has been an Extension instructor since 2012, teaching for the copyediting certificate program. Venard holds a master's in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a bachelor's in communications from the University of Miami.

Venard, Lourdes

My Courses

Copyediting I

Turn your talents for recognizing and correcting grammatical errors into a full-time or freelance career as a copy editor. The first step is to learn light copyediting, which involves the...
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Copyediting II

To thrive as a copy editor you must practice judicious and defensible editing. In this course you will be continually challenged to maintain the author’s voice and meaning while correcting...
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