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Michael Howard, MBA Accounting and CTEC, has over 35 years of experience as a CFO and Controller within the industries of printing/publishing, electronics manufacturing, biotech start-ups, internet services and tax.  His experience includes domestic and international business operations in China, Bulgaria, Mexico, Caribbean and Canada.  His responsibilities included corporate finance and accounting, manufacturing cost accounting, operations management and audit/tax oversight.  During his career he has been a President of a corporate subsidiary and participated in the successful leverage buyout of a publishing company. Mike served five years in the Army Security Agency in Central America, Vietnam and Korea.  He is a San Diego native and is active in the Sons of the American Revolution. 

Howard, Michael J

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Elementary Accounting II
Understand managerial accounting theory and practice to evaluate organizations and execute appropriate business decisions. Learn about budgeting, cost-volume-profit analysis and incremental...
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Financial Statement Analysis
Financial statement analysis has many applications, including the evaluation of department and senior management performance, accounting compliance, and the profitability of business activities...
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