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Michelle McCunney received a master's in visual arts from the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (UNAM) in Mexico City and bachelor's in visual arts from the University of California San Diego. She has taught painting, drawing, illustration and contemporary art courses for university programs in Mexico and the US since 1988. Her work varies in format from artists' books to larger series on canvas and online episodic narratives. Her teaching incorporates collaborative activities to enhance the development of individual projects.

Everyone has something interesting to say. The challenge is to express it in an intriguing way, with the right kind of texture.
- Michelle McCunney
McCunney, Michelle

My Courses

Drawing I: Focus on Perception
Learn basic drawing techniques through a variety of instructor demonstrations, guided in-class exercises and homework projects. Topics include contour drawing, positive and negative space...
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Oil Painting I
Develop your paint handling skills and enhance your perceptual abilities in this studio class. Each meeting focuses on the development of basic skills while encouraging individual expression...
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Watercolor I: Basic Techniques and Materials
Watercolors are a brilliant, versatile and a fascinating medium to work with! Develop basic painting skills in transparency, washes, glazing, composition, color theory, color mixing and value along...
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