Natalie Leroux-Lindsey

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Natalie Leroux-Lindsey, M.A., is a program representative for the Education Department at UC San Diego Extension.

My Courses

AVID Summer Institute for University Credit (3.0 quarter units)
Summer Institute is AVID's annual professional learning event for AVID members. New and veteran educators come each year to learn the latest in AVID methodologies and strategies to successfully...
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Orientation: CLAD Through CTEL
The CLAD Through CTEL orientation provides individuals interested in the CLAD Through CTEL Certificate Program with a clear understanding of the entire program, including its scope and goals...
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Reading & Literacy Program Orientation
The Reading and Literacy Orientation provides candidates in the CCTC - Reading and Literacy Authorization and/or UCSD - Reading Instruction Certificate with an overview of the entire program...
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