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Nha Kim

This short video is about Nha Kim's brief autobiography. ASL Vido Description: The narrator for the full video is Asian womyn with black and golden blonde partial highlights, past shoulder-length hair braided hanging on the left shoulder along with hair bang, wearing a half-sleeved olive green C-blouse. Behind the narrator is the red bricks along with two cream white stripes, both at the top and bottom, in the corner exposes the black and white checkered floor background. ASL Video Transcript: The video starts with a fading effect and then the narrator signs in Korean Sign Language (KSL), "Hello! I am Nha Kim. I was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. My parents are both Deaf. We moved about one or two years later to America [Nha, transitions from KSL to ASL, signing AMERICA in ASL to show my ASL acquisition, which became my primary language]. Grew up in California, where my home base now nestles. After I graduated high school (at California School for the Deaf in Fremont), I attended Gallaudet University (in Washington, DC). After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Communication studies, I decided to pursue the Master's degree in Sign Language Education program, also at Gallaudet University. Now, how and where did I discover my passion in the sign language field? Various work experiences included numerous ASL teaching, which I did not realize all along until I have recognized that that is my passion! My sign language goals included teaching and engagement with anyone in diverse groups including children, parents, community, and adults, with no preference as I desire for a new experience. I hope to have an opportunity to teach and engage using either ASL and/or KSL." The narrator concludes with a smile. The video fades to black.