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Rena Jean Calanca

Rena Calanca embraces diversity and loves encouraging others to maximize their talents and

skills, especially in the area of language. She is bilingual and multicultural, having spent her life

studying, raising a family, and working between Libertyville, Illinois, and Puebla, Puebla,

Mexico. Rena has extensive Spanish- and English-teaching experience at the high school and

college levels, and has seen numerous of her students go on to work for international

companies, travel the globe, and even become teachers themselves, using their language

knowledge to serve others. In 2013, Rena entered the Translation and Interpretation program

as a student, and is delighted to join our team of instructors. She currently resides in Altixco,

Puebla, and enjoys spending time with her granddaughters, traveling with her family, and

staying active on a journey of wellness.