Robert E. Presby
M.A. in Educational Administration

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Robert Presby  is the director of human resources for the Saddleback Valley Unified School District. He previously served as the principal of Serrano Intermediate School and is dedicated to promoting differentiated instruction for increased academic achievement. He holds a master’s degree in education administration. He has designed and successfully implemented a school-wide differentiation program that has led to substantial gains in students’ academic achievement.

My Courses

Continuum of Teaching Practice for Induction ILP II
Induction candidates engage in the Plan, Teach, Reflect, Apply process with Induction program, Induction mentors, Site-Based Induction Partners, and school site administrators who will assist in...
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Differentiation System Design: District Initiatives
This course provides the student with a perspective of neuroscience as it relates to education, with the purpose of developing a depth of understanding for district-level decision-making. The...
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Strategies for Implementing the Common Core Standards
In this class, teachers explore how the Common Core State Standards put students at the center of learning. They see a new emphasis on interdisciplinary skills and critical thinking skills in the...
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Teaching the Gifted and Talented: Recognizing Individual Differences
Familiarity with clusters of characteristics common to gifted people provides a basis for recognizing and understanding the individual differences and varied profiles that gifted students may...
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