Stephanie M LaQua
M.Ed. in Second Language Acquisitions

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Stephanie LaQua, M.Ed., has 21 years of experience as an ESL instructor, teacher-trainer and administrator. Since 1999, LaQua has taught second language acquisition, TEFL methodology, speaking, listening and pronunciation and grammar in the UC San Diego Extension TEFL Certification Program through the English Language Institute. She has also taught in the TESOL Certificate program in the Education Department at UC San Diego Extension specializing in Cross Cultural Language and Diversity (CLAD) and language acquisition classes for 9 years. She also trained K-12 teachers in language development strategies for the Riverside County Office of Education.

LaQua developed curriculum and currently teaches hybrid classes for visiting Korean teachers and in language methodology and acquisition for TEFL and TESOL at the University of California Riverside. She was awarded the 2013 Instructor Excellence Award from the UCR Extension TEFL Department, and Education Department Teacher of the Year Excellence Award in 2011. She coordinates assessment and english learner classes for the Clear Credential Program at UCR Extension and is the instructor for technical English in SDAIE (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English) as the pilot teacher for the state in the professional certification courses since 2010.

Prior to teacher-training, she was the academic director for the International Center for American English from 1992-2004. She developed an integrated curriculum and implemented the Cambridge English proficiency exam programs and curriculum for intensive courses in all skill areas. She also coordinated TEFL intensive programs for visiting international teachers and has presented a variety of workshops in communicative grammar, pronunciation, collaborative language learning and integrated language arts lesson planning.

LaQua, Stephanie M

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Foundations and Methods of English Language/Literacy Development and Content Instruction
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Language and Language Development
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Site-Based Mentor Training and Support for Induction II
Guidance for the mentoring experience to provide Induction candidates with a professional educational community, ensuring structures that support the activities of the program and coordinating...
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Teaching English Learners
This course will explore theories behind teaching English learners to ensure academic achievement & language proficiency for English learners. Topics include theories behind teaching in an English...
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TESOL Practicum
The final component of the Professional Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a 60 hour practicum that allows candidates to test their newly developed knowledge and...
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The Role of Grammar in Teaching a Second Language
ESL teachers must frequently explain complex English grammar to their students to help them speak and write. This course covers basic grammatical concepts and exercises for ESL instruction. Ideas...
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Theories and Methods of Language Teaching and Learning

Become acquainted with the most generally accepted theoretical and methodological models of English language teaching and learning in this TEFL certificate course.

This practical...
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Theories of Second-Language Acquisition and Application to Teaching
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