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StevenClaude Dorsainvil White
B.S. Biology, Emory Univeristy

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StevenClaude Dorsainvil White is an Operations Project Lead at Catalent Pharma Solutions Inc. He has worked for the past three years in the biotech industry starting his professional career at the genetic sequencing company Illumina Inc. With his ability to decipher complex ideas and break them down into simple thoughts makes working with him effortless. StevenClaude transfers these qualities into his teachings by facilitating the learning process for his students and making the instructed content relatable and relevant.

Why he loves teaching
“My favorite part of teaching is meeting each student where they are at and providing them with an equal opportunity to learn the material no matter the perceived level of difficulty. If it were not for the strong mentors and teachers that poured into my life, I would not have achieved a fraction of my accomplishments today! Showing the same level of dedication to the next generation of shakers and movers in my special way of giving back to my academic community!”

Professional Summary
StevenClaude graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He has pursued research and has helped published multiple studies ranging from the expression of junction proteins in epithelial cells in the lungs to the presence of shoulder pain due to Suprascapular nerve injury.
To complement his research background, StevenClaude started his teaching career as a Math and Science Tutor and Test Prep instructor. As such, he developed his ability to teach students in a focused manner and assist them in developing clear and direct test-taking skills and strategies. He joined the K-12 Program at UCSD in 2017 and continues to teach hundreds of students a year at the University Extension location and various high school in the San Diego county.

•    SAT Intensive Training Program – Test Prep Team
•    2+ years of teaching Standardized Testing - UCSD  
•    Operations Excellence Certificate – Illumina Inc.
•    B.S. Biology – Emory University

What students are saying:
By: SAT Student
"Mr. StevenClaude White is a gifted and professional instructor who has an innate talent for explaining visually loaded and abstract concepts in Math and Science. StevenClaude’s concept mastery, instructional style, and patient demeanor have been exceptionally useful for the way I process scientific concepts!" 


Dorsainvil White, Steven Claude