Suzan Olson

Suzan Olson works with manufacturers to plan and execute human factors evaluations and clinical trials covering pediatrics and adults of combinations products and medical devices. She earned a doctorate in psychology and a master's in health administration from Wichita State University as well as a bachelor's in health administration from Ottowa University. She is also a registerd nurse.

Olson, Suzan

My Courses

CT: Drug Development Process
This keystone course examines the drug development process and history of clinical trials. Topics include sources of new drugs & devices; the process of discovery; how a discovery becomes a drug or...
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CT: Good Clinical Practices
Topics include the definition and identification of good clinical practices (GCPs); how GCPs affect the conduct of clinical trials; regulating agencies and applicable regulations from the Code of...
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CT: Practical Clinical Statistics for the Non-Statistician
This course presents the statistics essentials for the non-statistician involved in clinical trials. Topics include study designs, hypothesis testing, sample size calculations, assumptions...
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CT: Prospective Preparation for Internal and External Audits
This course provides a step-by-step outline of internal and external audits as well as ongoing actions that should be taken to prepare for an audit. Topics include types of audits; the audit...
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CT: Regulation of Drugs, Biologics, Devices, and Diagnostics
This course reviews the breadth of U.S. and international regulations associated with the development of drugs, biologics, medical devices, and diagnostics. Topics include a review of regulatory...
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