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Theresa Jackson has nearly thirty years experience in graphic production and design. After obtaining her bachelor's degree from UCLA, she spent several years in manual pre-press technology, and transitioned to the emerging realm of digital editing and retouching of photographic images in 1989. Since then, Theresa has worked at the forefront of this constantly-evolving industry, which has also enabled her to develop and expound upon her photographic arts skills. She is an active member of the Photo Arts Group, in North County San Diego. Her fine art photography is displayed regularly at locations throughout San Diego County. 

Theresa has been the successful proprietor of Orchard View Color, a graphic design business since 2001. In February of 2013 she was accepted into Adobe's Community Professionals group. Theresa is a regular columnist for Sign of the Times magazine, writing primarily about Adobe applications. In 2010 and again in 2012 Theresa was awarded an artistic category Photoshop Guru Award at Photoshop World.  


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Digital Darkroom: Capture to Computer
Need to figure out how to manage the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of photos you’ve taken? Get familiar with Photoshop CC, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Lightroom for file management, digital workflow, image enhancements and beginning level photo....
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