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"Gini" is a practicing lactation consultant at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and the Perinatal Health program coordinator for UC San Diego Extension. She coordinates and teaches in the Lactation Specialist and Lactation Educator programs and the Lactation Consultant Certificate. Ms. Baker has over 25 years of experience in childbirth and lactation instruction and program development.


My Courses

Ethics & Professionalism for the Lactation Intern
This course is designed for all who are considering working with pregnant and lactating women and their families. It will provide an informational overview of the qualities and concepts of “Ethical and Professional” behavior and....
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  • Lactation Educator Counselor Training Program
  • Lactation Medical Documentation
  • LCERP: Anatomy and Physiology for the Lactation Consultant
  • LCERP: Biochemical Properties of Human Milk
  • LCERP: Common Concerns in Breastfeeding
  • LCERP: Essence of Being a Lactation Consultant
  • LCERP: Jaundice
  • LCERP: Newborn Instincts Relation to Breastfeeding
  • LCERP: Positioning and Latching
  • LCERP: Putting the Puzzle Together for Case Management
  • LCERP: Risks of Not Breastfeeding
  • LCERP: Science of Suck
  • LCERP: Tongue Tie Discussion
  • Refresher:Lactation Educator Counselor Training
  • Test Taking Strategies and Practice for the IBLCE Exam