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"Gini" is a practicing lactation consultant at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and the Perinatal Health program coordinator for UC San Diego Extension. She coordinates and teaches in the Lactation Specialist and Lactation Educator programs and the Lactation Consultant Certificate. Ms. Baker has over 25 years of experience in childbirth and lactation instruction and program development.

Baker, Virginia

My Courses

Ethics & Professionalism for the Lactation Intern
This course is designed for all who are considering working with pregnant and lactating women and their families. It will provide an informational overview of the qualities and concepts of &ldquo...
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Lactation Educator Counselor Training Program
This program prepares health professionals and other interested individuals to become lactation educators. It furnishes the basic information necessary to promote breastfeeding and to interact in...
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Lactation Medical Documentation
Effective Medical Documentation requires an understanding of the basic principles and formats of medical charts. Learn the several charting formats including Narrative, Problem Oriented, ADIME and...
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LCERP: Anatomy and Physiology for the Lactation Consultant
This course is designed for the practicing lactation consultant and gives an a overview of breast development, stages of lactation, the hormones of lactation, breast surgeries, and stages of breast...
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LCERP: Biochemical Properties of Human Milk
A brief yet comprehensive and understandable overview of the biochemical properties of human milk, components of human milk, enteromammary pathway, and vaccines in the breastfed infant. This course...
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LCERP: Common Concerns in Breastfeeding
This course looks at the different approaches to sore nipples, engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis, abscesses, and other common concerns. It considers the physiologic base for each of these...
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LCERP: Essence of Being a Lactation Consultant
As described in "Case Studies in Breastfeeding" by Cadwell and Turner-Maffei, there are specific steps to progress thru a lactation consultation that will result in a comprehensive and time...
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LCERP: Jaundice
This course takes the mystery and confusion out of the understanding and plan of care for the jaundice infant. First there is an organized and practical discussion about the types of jaundice with...
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LCERP: Newborn Instincts Relation to Breastfeeding
Normal instincts in a baby can and are highly influenced by their story of their delivery. This course looks at those instincts and the role of the birth journey in the newborns feeding behaviors...
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LCERP: Positioning and Latching
This course contains a series of lectures and video's collected over a time period of 10 years. The course starts with an overview of Biological or "laid Back" breastfeeding with discussion of why...
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LCERP: Putting the Puzzle Together for Case Management
In this course we will investigate some approaches to case management that include the "perfect consultation" or how not to be the lactation consultant that adds to the "train wreck" that may be...
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LCERP: Risks of Not Breastfeeding
Explore the categories of risk factors for not breastfeeding, the trend to "risk based education" and it's impact, the definition of guilt, and the ever expanding evidence that supports the theory...
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LCERP: Science of Suck
In this course the head and neck anatomy of the infant is discussed and compared to adult oral anatomy. Sucking patterns are investigated and related to the transfer of milk during a feeding...
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LCERP: Tongue Tie Discussion
Dr. James Murphy is a pioneer in the refinement of the diagnosis of types of tongue tie or Ankyloglossia and the procedures to reduce the restriction of the tongue. In this course Dr. Murphy...
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Refresher:Lactation Educator Counselor Training
A periodic review and highlight of changes in lactation to include political application; current strategies for problem management; review of the literature; and development of specific plans of...
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