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Wallace Wang

Wallace Wang has written dozens of computer books over the years beginning with ancient MS-DOS programs like WordPerfect and Turbo Pascal, migrating to writing books on Windows programs including “Microsoft Office for Dummies” and “Beginning Programming for Dummies,” writing about computer security with books like “Steal This Computer Book,” and finally switching to Swift programming for Apple products like the Macintosh and the iPhone with books such as “macOS Programming for Absolute Beginners,” “Beginning iPhone Development with Swift 5,” “Pro iPhone Development with Swift 5,” and “Beginning ARKit for iPhone and iPad.”

When he’s not helping people discover the fascinating world of programming, he performs stand-up comedy and appears on two radio shows on KNSJ in San Diego ( called “Notes From the Underground” (with Dane Henderson, Jody Taylor, and Kristen Yoder) and “Laugh In Your Face Radio” (with Chris Clobber and Sarah Burford).

He’s also ghost written books for other people that cover topics such as stock market trading techniques, real estate investing, and becoming an entrepreneur. In his free time, he also writes a screenwriting blog called “The 15 Minute Movie Method” ( and a blog about the latest cat news on the Internet called “Cat Daily News” (

Wallace has always focused on merging science with art and communication. He earned his B.S. in materials engineering from Michigan State University while also minoring in English at the same time. He later earned his M.S. in computer science from West Coast University and has been writing about computers and programming since 1983.

He has written over 50 books on various computer technology from computer security and using Microsoft Office to iOS programming with Swift and Objective-C. He’s also written for several magazines including Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Computer Power User, The Space Gamer, and ComputorEdge. He enjoys both writing and programming while exploring his interest in business as well.