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Ylianna Romo holds a bachelor's degree, a California Multiple Subject teaching credential and a BCLAD authorization. She as many years of experience in a classroom setting and is currently working in the San Diego Unified School District.

My Courses

Clear Credential Site-Based Mentor Clinic
This course is designed for individuals that will work with Clear Credential program candidates as a site-based mentor to establish a professional educational community, ensuring structures that...
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Health Education for the Teacher
This course focuses on the need for universal health-related education. In recent years, schools have assumed the responsibility for this aspect of social development, making it vital for educators...
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Induction Year 1 Support for all Mentors and Partners
An Induction program provides ongoing support to guide Induction Mentors and Partners in the roles and responsibilities of working with newly credentialed teachers during the Induction program...
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Overview for Site-Based Induction Mentor
An introduction for approved Site-Based Induction Mentors including an overview of the entire program, including its scope, goals, expectations, requirements, standards, competencies, the...
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Overview for Site-Based Induction Partner
Designed specifically for Site-Based Induction partners, this course provides an overview of the induction process and the UC San Diego program, including scope; goals; expectations; standards...
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