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This course provides the student with skills and knowledge on production technologies and practices for algae biomass production at a commercial scale. Lectures will be taught and facilitated by algal production technicians, scientists and senior algal farm managers, each with years of production management experience in commercial a setting. Topics covered will include: Aquatic photosynthesis at commercial scale; Algae production facilities layouts; Bioreactor and pond designs; Scale-up factors; Water sources, water handling and water management; Nutrient sourcing and handling, Light management; Carbon dioxide sources and handling; Biomass monitoring for growth, productivity and product expression; Advanced analytical techniques for biomass and product assessment; Harvest technologies and techniques; Product mix options: biofuels, protein animal feeds, food supplements, pigments, and other possible products; supply chain requisites, materials purchasing and shipping at commercial scale; production economics.

Note: STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: Knowledge in College-level Introductory Biology and Introductory Chemistry

Course Number: BIOL-40310
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)