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This course is focused on practical laboratory experience to provide students with skills and knowledge on production technologies and practices for algae biomass production at a pilot and commercial scale. The laboratory will be taught and facilitated by algal production technicians, scientists and senior algal farm managers, each with years of production management experience. Topics covered will include: Aquatic photosynthesis at commercial scale and overall process design; Algae production facilities layouts; Bioreactor and pond designs; Scale-up factors; Water sources, water handling and water management; Nutrient sourcing and handling, Light management; Carbon dioxide sources and handling; Biomass monitoring for growth, productivity and product expression; Advanced analytical techniques for biomass and product assessment; Harvest technologies and techniques; Product mix options: biofuels, protein animal feeds, food supplements, pigments, and other possible products; supply chain requisites, materials purchasing and shipping at commercial scale; production economics. Biomass will be produced at a relevant scale for extraction and product testing.

Course Number: BIOL-40311
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)