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Did you ever wonder what happened in Europe after the Sun King Louis XIV died? In this class, we will explore how the European political, social & cultural landscape changes after the demise of absolute monarchs.

Starting with Rococo & Naturalism, we will discuss how a new understanding of human nature leads to the birth of Neo-Classicism. We will also focus on Romanticism, which puts its emphasis on the emotional experience of the world around us. Then, Realism will lead the way to experiencing the world in a highly subjective fashion. And lastly, we will transition to our final artistic movement discussed in this class, Impressionism.

FOR SPRING QUARTER 2020 In order to accommodate our students and continue to provide an enriched learning experience during COVID-19, we have adapted this course to be taught remotely via Zoom during the regularly-scheduled meeting times. 
Questions? Email the Program Manager, Natalie Johnson, at

Fulfills 1 unit towards the Art History requirement for the Art and the Creative Process Certificate.
Course Fee: $95
Offered in: Spring Quarter

Course Number: ART-40461
Credit: 1.00 unit(s)
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